Astrology gifs
We do every single star sign, but some more than others. If you want a specific sign you can request it in our ask box or submit a gif. However if our ask box is closed, it means we cannot take requests at that moment cause we have too many so please don't request through submitting or any other ways, thank you.
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Signs + prom 

Pisces female - Top

Pisces male - Bottom

Signs + prom 

Capricorn female - Top

Capricorn male - Bottom

Signs + prom 

Aquarius female - Top

Aquarius male - Bottom

Signs + prom 

Sagittarius female - Top

Sagittarius male - Bottom

Signs + prom 

Scorpio female - Top

Scorpio male - Bottom

Signs + prom 

Libra female - Top

Libra male - Bottom

Signs + prom 

Virgo female - Top

Virgo male - Bottom

Signs + prom 

Leo female - Top

Leo male - Bottom

Signs + prom 

Cancer female - Top

Cancer male - Bottom